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Chateau Lafite Rothschild

Chateau Lafite Rothschild

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生産地 ポイヤック
オーナー Les Domaines Barons de Rothschild
生産年 2022
タイプ ⚫︎赤ワイン
容量 750ml
評価 Jane Anson 97
Wine Advocate 95-97+
Vinous (Neal Martin) 96-98

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In 1695, the territories of Lafite and Latour were united, beginning a great winemaking history. After that, while being tossed by history, Baron Erie regained ownership of CH Lafite Rothschild at the end of 1945 and worked on its regeneration. And when Baron Eric de Rothschild took over the operation, the regeneration was ensured, the quality recovered rapidly, and since the mid-1990s when Charles Chevalier became the director, it has improved dramatically. increase. Due to the adjoining properties and vineyards, CH Lafite Rothschild and CH Duhart Milon have been managed by the same team since 1962. Both chateaux are hand harvested based on strict harvesting techniques. Regular maintenance is performed throughout the year. Since almost no chemical fertilizers are used and only a small amount of organic fertilizers are used, it is possible to grow long-lived vines. Only stocks over 80 years old are pulled. Continue to be a source of "inspiration" and "surprise". Domaine Baron de Rothschild has thrived under the passionate leadership of Baron Eric and his team members. We are constantly striving to put our expertise into the best soil to produce quality wines. This passion for wine is expressed through the eyes of an artist, and the best art photographers have also devoted their skill and passion to highlighting the essence of Lafite.
格付け Medoc 1st class 土壌 Composed of Tertiary limestone and aeolian sand broken into gravelly sediments


「22 年の特殊な気候条件には、奇⼈が必要であった」とのこと。どんな枠にも収まらない⼦どものようなキャラクター。そんな柔軟な発想が 2022Lafite を⽣んだのだろう。 TPI は 64 と他のシャトーよりもずっと低い値を指しているが、実際は Mouthcoating で緻密なタンニンがたっぷりとある。Jean-Sebastien ⽈く「TPI だけで全てを語ることはできない」とのこと、他の要素とのバランスや、タンニンの質・形にもよるのだろう。凝縮した、まだ厳しさを感じさせる⿊果実、バランスの取れた酸、ほどよいアルコール度数。アルコールは 18、19 よりも⾼い。全てが調和し、繊細で、しかし秘めた⼒強さを感じる。素晴らしい品質。

ブレンド比率 Cabernet Sauvignon: 96%, Merlot: 3%, Petit Verdot: 1%
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