Trends in 2022

Trends in 2022

A cool, dry winter gave way to a warm spring, with somewhat late budding and early flowering in mid-May under ideal frost-free conditions.

The hot and dry growing season started from May, and although the amount of rainfall varied from place to place, it was very low in most areas, and strong water stress was observed from early on (mid-June).
The vines went through a more moderate growing season to accommodate less water. Harvest was fairly early due to three heatwaves in July and August that suppressed lateral shoot development, with record heat waves of up to 41 degrees Celsius.

The style of the wine is generally powerful, concentrated and fruity, but that doesn't mean heavy and sluggish on the palate, with freshness and precision, smooth, mouthfeel and precision. It has an elegant taste. Alcohol levels are generally high, pH levels are not low, but above all, high polyphenolic maturity, extremely fine tannins, and a wonderfully cohesive, non-weather overall.

2022 has become a special vintage following 2021. It was a year where weather alone could not tell the vintage, and it proved that human wisdom and vine experience could transcend extreme weather conditions.

"Exhibition) Vintage report by TWINS BORDEAU"